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ACES Radio

I can't believe you've done this. You've found our Libsyn page. HOW DARE YOU. 

This is a podcast about the Columbus Crew. Or Columbus Crew SC if you prefer. Or the Black & Gold. Or the Finches. But definitely not the Canaries, DAVE. NOBODY SAYS THAT. STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A THING.

Anyway, we crack jokes, talk soccer, and read your hot takes. Check it out. Or don't, whatever. We're not the boss of you. 

Oct 9, 2020

Hello, Crew nation! This description will be infinitely more exciting than the games against Dallas and Montreal, which the lads will discuss! After, of course, a check-in on Bront's bionic arm and John doing his civic duty. Heh. Duty. MOVING ON. The lads discuss how terrible the Crew played in general, and CERTAIN UNNAMED PLAYERS did in particular. They discuss the new signing; is he the magic fix? (No.) Man balls, prediction scores, prediction updates, and a NEW CONTINUING CHAMPION FOR THE MOMENT. Tune in to find out who!