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ACES Radio

I can't believe you've done this. You've found our Libsyn page. HOW DARE YOU. 

This is a podcast about the Columbus Crew. Or Columbus Crew SC if you prefer. Or the Black & Gold. Or the Finches. But definitely not the Canaries, DAVE. NOBODY SAYS THAT. STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A THING.

Anyway, we crack jokes, talk soccer, and read your hot takes. Check it out. Or don't, whatever. We're not the boss of you. 

Jul 1, 2016

  • Recording live from Zauber Brewing Company! Recap of the games against NYRB and Bridgeview. Color impression updates. Man Balls.
  • Getting to know International soccer legend and longtime fan of ACES Radio, Chris Doran! It's all downhill from here, folks.
  • Speaking of downhill, segment three is a goddamned dumpster fire. Hot takes, blood points, prediction standings, #DosHiguains, Crewzers FC vs Wizards, and then we blissfully leave you for absolutely the last time. This is the worst show in the history of podcasts. Possibly in the history of shows. It was fun while it lasted.